Sidra Anwar calls for inculcating spirit of Christmas in young generation


Shamim Mehmood,

Islamabad: Assistant Commissioner (AC) Islamabad City, Sidra Anwar said that Christmas was not just a merry day but it contained beautiful lesson to love the sick and humanity. She highlighted the importance of the Christmas and called upon people from all religions to respect this august day and inculcate the spirit of the Christmas in the young generation. AC city, Sidra narrated these words in a ceremony held in the connection to the upcoming Christmas day which likely to be held on Wednesday, 25th of this month.

Christmas day is religious day celebrated across the world where homage respect, honor is given to Jesus Christ, who devoted his life for the betterment of humanity and preached the lesson of God revealed to him through sacred book, she added.

Mahreen Waseem, the president of “Aimal” said that serving the fellow human being was the real teaching of the Christmas. She also eulogized the teaching of Christmas and called upon the humanity to learn the true spirit of this day and celebrate it with the notion that they would stand against the evil and would pass their remain life in the services of ailing people. He also expressed her sorrow over the misconception about this day as some segment of our society do unusual thing which are contrary to this day.

Basharat Khokhar, president Community Development Foundation (CDF) regretted that the incumbent government did not give due honor to the Christian community which was facing hard task to celebrate their religious day with fervor because those Christians who were in government job were not getting the attention of the regime which had created disappointment among them.

He said this day should be celebrated as nation day in Pakistan and government should prepare a plan to make necessary the media houses where special programme on this day should be go onscreen in order to inform the young generation about the teaching of Jesus.