Seminar on “Significance of Women Empowerment” at LCCI


Lahore:     Lady of Punjab Governor House Begum Perveen
Sarwar has said that every woman has skills and leadership qualities but
all lack of unity & guidance to the right direction is hampering their
economic growth. If we are united and set right direction, we can achieve
much more for our country and for ourselves as well.
She was speaking at a seminar on “Significance of Women Empowerment in
Islamic System” organized by LCCI standing committee on Women
Entrepreneur Development Resource Centre & Women Advocacy Forum at
the Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry. LCCI President Irfan Iqbal
Sheikh, Senior Vice President Ali Hussam Asghar, Convener of the Standing
Committee on Women Entrepreneurs Development, Resource Center and
Advocacy Forum Tabassum Anwar, LCCI EC members Ms. Uzma Shahid,
Amir Anwar, Chairperson Adab Sarai Dr. Shehnaz Muzammil, Ms. Nabila
Intesar and other experts spoke on the occasion while a large number of
women entrepreneurs attended the event.
Begum Governor said that only woman can stand for women and their
rights. All segments of society should support our women so that they can
get a better standard. She said that women should be encouraged to take
part in trade and economic activities.
“We have established “Hunar Gah”, in rural areas of Punjab in 2014 and
since then more than 10000 women have been trained and they established
their own small businesses. She briefed the participants about the projects
undergoing including Hepatitis control campaign across the province
water filtration plants installation in different areas especially in hospitals.