Review petition filed against IHC decision on non initiation of contempt of court proceedings against PM dismissed


Islamabad:    Petition filed in Islamabad High Court (IHC) seeking review of its decision on non initiation of contempt of court proceedings against Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan over his controversial speech against judiciary has been dismissed.

Chief Justice (CJ) Islamabad High Court (IHC) Athar Minallah dismissed the petition filed by Salim Ullah Khan advocate.

CJ IHC Athar Minallah remarked “ let him say whosoever is saying whatsoever . Why elected representatives should be dragged into it. Contempt of court is between the said individual and the court.

The petitioner took the plea that he feels disheartened on hearing such things against judiciary.

CJ IHC observed people say a lot. Does judiciary grow weak due to it.

The petitioner had requested the court to review its decision for not launching contempt of court proceedings against PM Imran Khan.

Salim Ullah Khan took the plea PM committed contempt of court in his November 18 speech and he tried to make judiciary controversial in his speech. The accusation of contempt of court is clear from the context of his speech. Imran Khan insulted and ridiculed superior judiciary.

According to the petitioner the recording and transcript of Imran Khan speech was also attached with the petition.

Salim Ullah Khan took the ground that Imran Khan too criticized the judiciary in decision against Pervez Musharraf. He is ridiculing judiciary persistently.

The petitioner had prayed the court to convict Imran Khan under contempt of court law.