Low gas pressure, disrupting production activities in site industries: Chawla


KARACHI: SITE Association of Industry President Mohammad Suleman Chawla Wednesday urged the Prime Minister to issue immediate instructions to Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) to ensure gas supply with full pressure to industries so that production activities could be run smoothly and foreign orders are fulfilled in time.

Expressing concern over low gas pressure in the site industrial area, Chawla said industrial production has been hampered and timely fulfillment of export orders is in jeopardy. He requested Prime Minister Imran Khan to instruct SSGC to ensure supply of gas with required pressure.
“With the onset of winter, gas pressure has started to decline and the situation has reached a point where it is very difficult for us to continue production activities. Due to the taxation issues and the ongoing economic crisis in the country, exporters are avoiding new orders and hence local industries will not be able to make deliveries of foreign orders on time due to gas problem,” he said.
Chawla said that 60 percent of industries in the Site area run on gas as it is a basic raw material for textile sector, which is the largest contributor to domestic exports. Non-fulfillment of export orders will inflict huge financial losses on exporters, he added.
The Site Association President urged the MD of Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) to take practical steps to address this serious problem facing industries.
If SSGC fails to do so, it will be responsible for endangering domestic exports, he maintained.