Pakistani Hindu community rejects Indian citizenship offer


Karachi:    Pakistani Hindu Minority has rejected the Indian offer of citizenship rights under a new law.
Indian Parliament while making an amendment in its citizenship law offered citizenship rights to Hindu, Buddha , Christian, Parsi and Jain communities migrating from their countries.

Chairman Pakistani Hindu Council Raja Aasaar Manglani said that Pakistani Hindu community unanimously rejects this bill that is tantamount to divide India upon sectarian lines.

He said this is unanimous message to Indian PM Narendra Modi from whole Hindu community of Pakistan.

Hindus will never support this legislation, he added.
He said India did violation of its own constitution from this law.

On the other hand, a Christian member of Upper House or Senate Anwar Lal Deen has also rejected this Indian law while saying that the purpose of this law is to make religious parties stand against one another.
He said it is simply the violation of basic human rights.

Pakistani Sikh minority has also condemned this controversial law.
Leader of Baba Guru Nanak Gopal Singh said that not only Pakistani Sikh community but Sikh Community all over the world condemns this Indian act.