LHC stops police from taking action against innocent lawyers in PIC attack case


Lahore:     Lahore High Court (LHC) has stopped police from taking action against the innocent Lawyers in Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC) attack case.

A two-member bench of LHC, presided over by Justice Syed Mazahar Ali Akbar Naqvi took up the pleas of Bar Association and others pertaining to release of arrested lawyers in PIC attack case for hearing on Wednesday.
During the course of hearing, CCPO Lahore, Home Secretary Punjab, IG Punjab, Advocate General Punjab Jamal Ahmad Sukhera appeared before the court.
Petitioner Ahsan Bhoon advocate took the plea that detained lawyers were tortured and presented before court with veils over the faces.
Justice Mazahir Ali Akbar Naqvi while inquiring IG Punjab remarked, “Why lawyers were presented with veils over their faces ? Have you to get conduct an identification parade?
Justice further observed, “If you will do this then there are almost 1, 50,000 lawyers across the country so do you want to spread anarchy in the country”.
These lawyers standing in front of us in court came after tendering apology but they were not treated well, justice observed.
Justice Naqvi remarked, “PIC is 6 miles away from Bar so why didn’t you stop them at that time?
IG Punjab said we had stopped them in the China Chowk but at that time they had not done any illegal thing.

Justice Mazahir Ali Naqvi observed, “What you did in PIC you should do the same while on the way, a hospital where we cannot breathe loudly you allowed lawyers to stage protest.
Justice Mazahir while directing IG Punjab observed, “People which are involved in PIC attack, we are not with them and those who are involved in this, action should be taken against them according to law.

Justice remarked, “Black coat is not an abuse”.
Justice further observed, “You should talk about that person who has insulted it and you should not embarrass those lawyers which are not involved in the case.

It is a clear message to you, we too will talk with PIC Chairman and doctors, representatives of lawyers should also come in the Chamber”, Justice observed.

Court while summoning home secretary and IG Punjab ordered not to take action against the innocent lawyers in PIC attack case.