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RCCI organizes awareness seminar on E-Commerce

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Rawalpindi: (Parliament Times) The e-commerce policy has been formulated in consultation with all stakeholders. The purpose of the policy was to encourage e-platforms to promote digital economy. Special focus is being given to the development and promotion of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) so that Pakistan can play an active role in regional and global digital economy.Joint Secretary (WTO) at the Ministry of Commerce Aisha Humera Moriani while addressing a seminar on e-commerce policy held in the Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) she said that the priority of her ministry was to provide information to the business community about the policy so that maximum proposals can be made part of the policy. Ayesha Hamira Morani said that the e-commerce sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world at present, adding that the volume of e-commerce sector in Pakistan has increased to 40.1 billion rupees. He said that e-commerce policy will promote small businesses and exports. It will also create more jobs to many youths and create new business opportunities for young people and women, especially in remote areas. Earlier, Rawalpindi Chamber Acting President Nosherowan Khalil Khan in his welcome address said that the e-commerce regulatory framework should be comprehensively documented. The digital platform needs to be streamlined to document the businesses in Pakistan. Also security protocols for online shopping must be enhanced, he added. Improve banking channels to make payments system efficient and easy. Naveed Iqbal, a representative of the Internet Society Asia Pacific Chapter, also gave a presentation to the seminar participants on the key points of e-commerce policy, new initiatives and challenges. Internet access, the quality of internet connections, cyber security, data privacy, and data protection must be top priority of the policy, he said. Rawalpindi Chamber Standing Committee for IT convener Raja Omar Iqbal also gave a detailed briefing on the challenges facing e-commerce in Pakistan and the upcoming ICT programs in Pakistan. Vice President Mohammad Hamza Sarosh, former President Mian Humayun Pervaiz, members of the executive committee and a large number of chamber members were also present on the occasion.

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