Nawaz to leave for US on Saturday for treatment

LAHORE:   Former Prime Minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif will leave London for US on Saturday for his treatment and in this connection US old Messachusetts general hospital has been contacted.

Family members of former PM Nawaz Sharif has contacted Messachusetts general hospital to get reopen the blocked veins of former PM which supply blood to heart and brain. Nawaz Sharif will leave for US on Saturday for undergoing medical check up in regard to treatment of his blocked veins.

The veins of neck of former PM are already 90 percent blocked and stents have already been placed in the veins supplying blood to heart. 3 out of these 5 stents stand blocked.

On the other hand appointment could not be made with the doctor for medical check up of Nawaz Sharif due to Christmas holidays.

Talking to media men in London Shahbaz Sharif said medical check of Nawaz Sharif was again conducted. Appointment is being sought from doctor but Christmas holidays are ahead. Therefore, doctor will give appointment after Christmas holidays. Some tests will take place after holidays.

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