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Islamabad:    (Parliament Times)   International Monetary Fund’s Resident Representative for Pakistan Ms Teresa Duban Sanchez paid a visit to ISE Towers REIT Management Company Limited (ISE REIT). She was welcomed by Chairman ISE REIT Zahid Latif Khan along with members of the Board. Chairman Zahid Latif Khan in his welcome address gave a brief summary of the ISE REIT. Chairman ISE REIT lauded the IMF initiatives for promoting the economic prosperity and growth for Pakistan through its program.

Aftab Ahmad Ch. Director ISE REIT made a detailed presentation on the Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) structure, highlighted future plans of the ISE REIT i.e. launch of REIT Scheme(s) in the area of hospitality, health care and residential, student housing under HEC umbrella, development of ICT SEZ under REIT model, property technology and digital property solutions etc.

Ms. Teresa while appreciating the ISE REIT’s future endeavors / future, highlighted the vision of IMF to support Pakistan for its economic development. She said that IMF program for Pakistan aims to put Pakistan’s economy on the path of sustainable and balanced growth. She was of the view that private sector in Pakistan should play its due role in economy development.

At the end, Zahid Latif Khan place its gratitude to Ms. Teresa for visiting ISE Towers.

Just to acquaint, ISE Towers REIT Management Company Limited formerly known as Islamabad Stock Exchange Limited was established as NBFC in January 2016 upon merger of three stock exchanges. ISE REIT plans to launch REIT scheme in Islamabad in the near future.

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