Those dreaming of making Imran minus are themselves becoming minus: Firdous Ashiq Awan


ISLAMABAD:     Firdous Ashiq Awan special assistant to Prime Minister (PM) has said those dreaming of making others minus are themselves becoming minus.

She tweeted “ Those made minus by people are striving to make them acceptable again. The conspirators should know that they have become minus from national politics.;

She held clash is going on between two ideologies on political front at present. One ideology is held by those involved in looting national wealth and accumulating properties and building palaces outside the country through money laundering. The second ideology is Imran Khan ideology who is pursuing the mission of recovering every pie of plundered money from plunderers.

Imran Khan will succeed in his struggle for recovering money , he remarked.

Those who have made the money plus through corruption should return it to the nation instead of raising hue and cry for minus, she observed.

Their political protest is assigned to Maulana Fazl and his associates on contract in Pakistan. Save themselves and their wealth related conspiracies have met failure, she added. Now they should adopt plan of bidding adieu to politics.