Preliminary investigation report on Taluka Dokri development works scam sent to chairman NAB

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Karachi:     During investigation by NAB into money laundering , it has come to light that budget has been allocated to a small area of Larkana comprising two towns more than Karachi.
According to the record of 2015, total population of Taluka Dokari is only 5, 25,000.

Largest amount was released to Taluka Dokri between 2016 to 2017.
Taluka Dokri was given more budget than Karachi for development works.

Taluka Dokri was given more than 20 billion funds during 10 years.

All funds were spent in the name of development works but no work has been done in the area.

Billions of rupees issued upon the name of development works were siphoned off to off shore accounts of key personalities with the connivance of contractors.
Companies that were awarded contracts of development works, existed in the documents only and on the ground.
According to NAB sources, statements of more than 100 contractors including officers have also been recorded.

Record of fake accounts of Taluka Dokri had come to fore during investigation of Account case. Money was also transferred to the account of Nadeem Bhutto arrested in account case on name of development works.
JIT had made a recommendation to make separate investigation of Taluka Dokri from Benami account.
NAB has sent the preliminary report of first investigation under money laundering act to Chairman NAB Justice Retd Javed Iqbal.

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