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Every politician in the country has grown up in military nurseries: Sheikh Rashid

ISLAMABAD:     Railway minister Sheikh Rashid has said there is no such politician in the country who has not grown up in military nurseries.

“ there is no politician in the country who has not grown up in military nurseries. Politicians are name of such stray ducks who grew up by laying eggs in military nests. Mention the name of a single politician who is not product of gate No 4 of army”, he said this in an interview here Wednesday.

Citing to high treason case against Pervez Musharraf Sheikh Rashid said he does not think that Pervez Musharraf is corrupt or traitor. If we have to see that who have done unconstitutional jobs then there is along queue of these people here.

“I don’t know his institution is playing any role in stopping decision in his case or otherwise but it should do so. Army has a system and this is not politics, he added.

Regarding extension in army chief service tenure and judicial matter he said “ I want to make it clear that Farogh Nasim is not at fault any way in this matter. All are making wrong propaganda against him. If some one else has any hand in it then I don’t know about it.

About appointment of election commission members he said consensus has been developed on name of members from Sindh and Balochistan.

Referring to allegations leveled by in foreign funding case he said PML-N will stand bogged down badly in this case. It is my demand that foreign funding in respect of three major parties of the country should be checked.

Regarding bail plea of former president Asif Ali Zardari he said Asif Zardari is suspect and not convict . Nawaz Sharif is convict. Big cases of Shahbaz Sharif are likely to come to fore within next 10 to 15 days.

He said it is possible that a plea bargain package deal is struck with Asif Zardari, Faryal Talpur,Sharjeel Memon, Murad Ali Shah, Agha Siraj Durrani and Ijaz Khatrani by the end of this year. But Khurshid Shah matter is different.

He held that Hamza Shahbaz, Suleman Shahbaz case is serious. Shahbaz Sharif case will also assume serious direction within 10 to 15 days because five such witnesses have come to fore who have said money laundering of hundreds billions has occurred.

He said if Nawaz Sharif can go abroad despite being convict then Asif Zardari case has yet to be decided.

He underlined that a dharna took place in national politics which met failure. Full preparations were made for this dharna and billion of rupees were spent on it.

About former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif he said Nawaz is stubborn person and he was extending financial assistance to pull down the incumbent government. On the other hand Shahbaz Sharif has so much got embroiled in his and his sons cases that he can go towards plea bargain.

“I have been saying since the beginning that Nawaz Sharif is sick and let him go abroad for his treatment. But no one was ready to accept my plea. I had also said Sahahbaz Sharif will also accompany Nawaz Sharif. This entire master plan was evolved by Shahbaz Sharif and he has played considerable role in taking Nawaz Sharif abroad, he pointed out.

He remarked “ I am seeing politics of both the families coming to end.

On the matter of settlement with Malik Riaz in UK he said this issue came under discussion in cabinet meeting but Prime Minister said this matter should not be talked of. He also directed the ministers not to give any statement in this regard.

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