First central European short film exhibited


Islamabad:      First central European short film was exhibited in Islamabad by the four EU countries. Initiated by the embassy of Hungary, the Austria, the Czech Republic and the Poland representations commonly organized the first short movie evening in the local hotel in Islamabad.
Talking to the ceremony the chief guest Shiekh Anser Aziz, the Mayor of Islamabad said that the central-European countries set a good example by cooperating not only in the EU but they are also organizing such cultural event in the capital as well. He said that this event was the just beginning of the similar occasions of the future.
Introducing the Hungarian movie the ambassador Istvan Szabo said that the academy award winner “SING” is successful Hungarian film production, highlighting legendary figures like Bela Lugosi the first Dracula and Adolf Zukor, the founder of the Paramount Pictures, who has Hungarian roots.
Istvan Szabo, the ambassador of Hungary, said that Hungary has become hub for the International movie makers, including Hollywood and Bollywood due to the favorable tax policy. And near the capital Budapest, in a village there is world class film studio equipped with all latest technology.
Following the Hungarian film, the Polish “Atlas”, the Czech “Leshy” and the Austrian “Excuse Me, I’m looking for the Ping Pong Room and my Girlfriend’’ movies were also shown to the audiences.