System of education in Baluchistan

Amina Bijar  Karachi                                                                                Latter to the Editor

Baluchistan is the largest province of Pakistan in term of land, wealth and natural resources. It has multiple mineral resources in the shape of gold, copper, marble, coal and many others. The area of Baluchistan lies mostly in Pakistan but also extends into southeastern Iran. Today no unbiased person denies the fact that presently Baluchistan is suffering from a number of issues among which education comes the top of the list.
Many schools and colleges are being damaged because of not having skilled teachers and lectures the dropout rate. It is estimated that this province has the lowest literacy rate across the country. Despite some improvements in some schools in fast ruptures, there has not been any significant change. Teachers and space students of different grades are made to sit together in one classroom following the same curriculum.
The government especially the chief minister of Baluchistan and concerned authorities should bring reforms to the educational system and should take necessary steps to resolve the issues related to the education system in the province.