*Curriculum development*

Asifa Shafi                                                                                        Latter to the Editor
There are several obstacles affecting the quality and effectiveness of the curriculum development process in Pakistan. Lack of subject area expert, lack of follow up of actual curriculum implementation in classroom practice. In the constitution of 1973, the government placed education on the concurrent list.
The process of curriculum development is facing serious issues in Pakistan. These issues are interference of bureaucrats, the absence of involvement of school teachers and many more. Experts sitting in curriculum development boards don’t use academic resources properly for revising outdated sections of school textbooks. Old methods of teaching are common in many public schools due to which students want to get rid of their studies. The federal ministry of education is responsible for among other things curriculum development. The National Bureau of curriculum and textbooks have the mandate to supervise curriculum and textbooks. It approves and maintains certain standards for the curriculum from the primary to higher secondary levels.
I humbly request to the education minister that please modernize our educational courses and find the solution for this cataclysmic issue so that students can get better and modern knowledge.