Textile industry facing electricity supply disconnections owing to differences with DISCOs


LAHORE:     As the textile industry is facing power supply disconnections due to differences with respective
power distribution companies (DISCOs) across the province, the All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) leadership has
called for re-connections of electricity supply to the textile mills at the committed tariff of 7.5 cents per kWh to the export-
oriented industry.
The leadership addressed a press conference at the APTMA Punjab office on Saturday. Central Chairman APTMA Dr
Amanullah Kassim Machyara, Chairman APTMA Punjab Adil Bashir and Group Leader APTMA Gohar Ejaz spoke to the
Central Chairman APTMA Dr Amanullah Kassim Machiara said the industry was planning new investment despite the
prevailing liquidity crunch due to stuck up refund claims. He said an increase in energy price after withdrawal of electricity
supply at flat rate of 7.5 cent has panicked the industry.
Chairman APTMA Punjab Adil Bashir said the government should fulfill its commitment of providing regionally competitive
energy, i.e. electricity at 7.5 cent per kWh. He stated due to the government’s commitment of providing 7.5 cents electricity
tariff led to an increase in textile exports whereas the garment exports increased by 35 percent in the last four months.
He said the government has imposed various surcharges after the withdrawal of zero-rating alongside GST and Income Tax.
The industry has also been burdened with Quarterly Tariff Adjustments (QTA) besides introduction of the Additional
Distribution Surcharge to the industry retrospectively from 1st of July. The export-oriented industry relying upon electricity
supply throughout Pakistan has been burdened with approximately 30 to 35 percent additional surcharges added to the
electricity bills retrospectively, he added.