Former general calls for mass rape of women in occupied Kashmir


Rawalpindi:    (Parliament Times)     Mohammed Abdullah Gul Chairman, Tehreek-e-Jawanan Pakistan & Kashmir(TJP), in a statement strongly condemned the statement of Indian General SP Sehana, in which he encouraged and demanded to Indian forcesae Kashmiris girls and women’s by Indian soldiers in a TV talk show 9 Baharat varsh. .According to the details, Mohammed Abdullah Gul strongly condemned the ex-Indian General SP Sehna a faction in which he asked Indian Army officers and soldiers to infringe on the dignity of Kashmiri women. He said that the words of the Indian general were non-existent. It is a moment of public concern for the people of Pakistan and Kashmir that the thinking of a well-known government defense department official might fall to such an extent. He said that the Muslim Ummah and Pakistan there is an open challenge for the Hindus to oppress the tyrannical followers of Hinduism in order to save the honor of their sisters and daughters in Kashmir. And this statement is of immense importance for the Muslims of India and Kashmir. He said that depriving the Muslim rights of Kashmir Muslims from their guns in their homes is to build Ram temple instead of Babri Masjid. He said that humiliating behavior should be stopped immediately. Since the international community is taking a detached approach in this matter, the people of Kashmir and Pakistan should be prepared to face any situation.” I urge all over the world and the world community to not only imagine the hate speech of this provocative statement, but also to fight against the genocide and war crime in the International Court of Justice and other affiliated institutions,”