Child marriage:

Parvez Moula Baksh                       (Latter to the Editor)

Through the editorial column of your esteemed newspaper, I wish to draw the kind attention of parents regarding child marriage. Child marriage has become very common in our country and Due to this, we don’t move towards development. Youths study more and desire to do many things for the development sector of the country. Unfortunately, their parents find life partners for them and these partners will be like chains for binding them. They have to accept the decision of their parents respectfully, good daughters and sons never say no to their parents. Subsequently, girls or boys have to cut off many dreams. Whereas, the girls have to cut them off because of the religious and cultural norms. Child marriage jeopardises the life of girls because they can’t give birth to a new baby at early ages. consequently, they either become very weak or lose their isolated lives. Additionally, Children aren’t that much mature to manage their families. When girls are failed to fulfil their duties, they suffer from different forms of oppression such as domestic violence, verbal abuse and It’ll ultimately direct them toward either suicide or divorce.
Therefore, parents are requested not to be that much unmerciful and must not destroy the lives of children.