Industrialists raise concerns over possible gas pressure reduction in winter


Karachi: Captain A. Moiz Khan, Patron in chief of the North Karachi Association of Trade and Industry (Nkati), Naseem Akhtar, President Nkati, raise concerns over possible gas pressure reduction in winter and demanded to MD Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC), to prepare early plan by addressing this upcoming issue.

Nkati’s leaders point out that, winter is near to come and in the winter, industries are always facing low gas pressure issue, which badly affected industrial production, making timely fulfillment of export orders difficult.

Capt. A, Moiz and Naseem Akhtar suggested to MD SSGC that, the winter season is about to begin, during which the usual gas pressure could be reduced, which would alarming for the industries in the ongoing economic crisis . As gas is the primary raw material of textile industry including mostly export oriented industries. Therefore, due to reduction in gas pressure, industrial production may be halted and the delivery of export orders on time will not be possible for the exporters. As a result, export orders are likely to be canceled and exporters will face significant losses if this happens.

Nkati’s leaders demanded to MD Sui Southern Gas to prepare an industry consultation plan to improve gas supply system accordingly the industries required gas pressure and also inform how to deal with the problem of gas pressure reduction in winter? So that industries don’t face gas shortages in cold weather.

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