Police arrest man for raping,filming the assault in Rawalpindi


RAWALPINDI,(Parliament Times): The Police on Tuesday has arrested accused of child pornography who was sexually abusing children and was selling their video and photos to International Dark websites.

According to the spokesperson of Rawalpindi Police, the Police has arrested accused Sohail Ayaz alias Ali for sexually abusing a 13 years old child in Rawat, who used to sell tea. After the initial investigation, it disclosed that the arrested accused was the ringleader of “International Dark Web”.

The accused was sentenced in UK and remained in jail, later he was also arrested and trialed in Italy for sexual abuse of children. The arrested accused Sohail Ayaz was deported from Uk and then from Italy for his crimes.

The Superintendent of Police Rai Mazhar Iqbal informed that the accused used to live broadcast the act of sexual abuse, upload porn videos and pictures on the “Dark web” and earned through pornography.

The accused when reached Britain from Pakistan, he got job in an organization of child protection in UK where he started earning through pornography on the “International Dark Web”. The accused continued his dreadful act in Pakistan as well. The accused has confessed that he has molested 30 children since his return to Pakistan and that he also made nude pictures and videos of the victims.

First Information Report (FIR) has been lodged on the complaint of mother of the victim child.

The City Police Officer (CPO) Faisal Rana said that Rawalpindi police will be the complainant in each incidents of brutal act of molestation in and around Rawalpindi in case the parents are not will to submit complaints due to social pressures.