In fact government is not of PTI or Imran Khan: Maulana Atta –Ur- Rehman


Islamabad:     Jamiat Ulema e Islam (F) leader Maulana Atta Ur Rehman has said that in reality government is not of Pakistan Tehreek e insaf or Imran Khan.
Talking to a private media channel on Monday he said those ruling the country have formally granted permission to Nawaz Sahrif for going outside country.
Matters have been settled upon the health of Nawaz Sharif.

He said health of Nawaz Sharif is as much important for nation as it is for his own party , therefore no politics should be done on this matter.

Those ruling the country in fact have formally given permission to Nawaz Sahrif for going outside country and now PTI is just trying and saying that they have allowed him to go abroad, he added
He said permission has been given under doctrine of necessarily.