City police introduced reforms to repair citizen trust


Staff Report,

RAWALPINDI: Police reforms and police station culture have remained hot topics in the country at least for the last two decades and a lot has been said regarding police reforms and a complete overhauling of the police station culture, but unfortunately concrete or visible results have remained a far cry. The city Police Officer (CPO) in recent past has introduced some measure to change the mind of the public regarding the police by their performance.

The most important and well spotted measure taken by the police in Rawalpindi is the “Protection of Children”. Prompt registration of FIR on incidents of sexual abuse, kidnapping and torture and immediate arrest of the culprits is the visible change that Rawalpindi police has brought and the fundamental reason of this positive change is the “assurance of the Commander that every child of Rawalpindi is as dear to him as his own children”.

Operations against land grabbers and illicit arms by the police not only brought many behind the bars recovering huge number of weapons but also gave relief to many victims of these mafias.

The recent action, “operation against terror”, is undoubtedly proved as an operation against terror because the members of the gangs and facilitators had a mushroom growth in the city which was increasing dangerously. They not only terrorized the citizens but the “goon culture” was spoiling and exploiting the youth to a greater extent. The operation is also applauded from the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister and by the civil society. Police have taken into custody more than 50 such members of terror gangs who were symbol of fear and terror in the vicinity.

The interaction with the stakeholders of society, on one side, gave police a close insight of the problems that public faces during their routine life while on the other hand it has given the citizens a confidence to come close to police and also made the public aware of the urge that police have to solve their problems.

Moreover, steps taken to move forward towards better policing is quick and prompts registration of FIR and redressal of public complaints. Complaints cells are working on different levels and are being monitored closely and continuously.

Protection of women from abuse, protection of rights of transgender, service at their doorstep for the handicapped and special persons have been used as slogans of police but Rawalpindi Police has given practical examples of all these noble notions. Apprehension of the couple which sexually abused several girls and women and recovery of several videos of their obnoxious, offensive and horrifying acts is an achievement of police which prevented many lives from being ruined and as a result this action of police rightly gained thoroughly deserved international recognition and regard for the service.