Revive student unions


Student politics has an important role on the societal progress. It is no secret that Pakistan’s mainstream political parties are dominated by feudalistic class and consequently reinforce feudalistic dominance more vigorously. Resultantly, it deprives lower-middle and middle-class from politics. Student unions were banned during Zia regime. Zia’s unilateral and consecutive ban has not yet been revoked up to this time despite several attempts made by political parties. As a result, universities produce apolitical individuals who lacks leadership and political skills. Pakistan has so far witnessed extreme political upheavals owing to absence of student unions at university level. Once should not forget that right to association is a constitutional right. Student union is a legitimate forum which prepares students towards raising their voice for their collective interests and to grapple with the perennial problems. As it stands, there is chronic dearth of dynamic leadership in Pakistan for course of action in the future and this vacuum can only be filled with students and would be-political leaders. Incumbent government reportedly stresses on youth development. So, it is earnestly hoped that PTI-government will revoke the ban for the benefit of tomorrow’s leaders.

-M. Shahjahan Memon