PIAF for making all-out efforts to exit FATF’s grey list


Lahore:      The Pakistan Industrial and Traders Association Front
(PIAF) has expressed its grave concern over the possibility of Pakistan to
remain on the grey list of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) beyond Feb
2020, urging the government to make strong efforts to achieve all targets of the
watchdog so that the country could be steered out of this list.
With a view to save the economy from any possible harmful consequences and
and to encourage foreign investors for making new investments in Pakistan the
all stakeholders, especially the government, will have to make utmost efforts
for Pakistan’s exit from the grey list addressing all those structural deficiencies
that caused Pakistan’s entry into it, observed PIAF chairman Mian Nauman
He said that India had failed to push Pakistan into FATF black list and added
that the country had been given various tasks till February 2020. He hoped
that the government would achieve all the targets and bring the country out of
grey list. He said that India was facing crises as the world had neglected their
viewpoint and international civil society pointed out curfew and human rights
violations in Indian-held Kashmir.