Nawaz Sharif agrees to go abroad for treatment


Lahore:      PML-N supreme leader and former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has agreed on going abroad for treatment upon the request and direction of doctors.
Nawaz Sharif agreed to go abroad for medical treatment after doctors recommended him going outside country is the last option.

PML-N had shared the recommendations of doctors regarding travel of Nawaz Shairf to abroad with the PTI government and name of Nawaz Sharif is expected to be removed from the Exit Control List (ECL) within one or two days by government in the light of reports of doctors after that he will travel abroad.

If name of Nawaz Sharif is removed from the ECL then he can go abroad this week.

Nawaz Sharif was not agreed on going abroad for medical treatment but after the recommendations of medical board of Services Hospital and doctors of Sharif Medical city, he has finally agreed on going abroad for treatment.
Maryam Nawaz would not able to go abroad along with his father due to submission of her passport in the Lahore High Court (LHC) after being granted bail in Chaudhry Sugar Mills Case.
She said that presently health of Nawaz Sharif is important because he is battling for his life.

Currently number of platelets of Nawaz Sharif has reached 24,000 while for air travel platelets of patient should be 50,000 or more according to doctors.