UNSC disappointed Kashmiri people: AJK President


ASEAN parliaments can play crucial role for Kashmir resolution,

ISLAMABAD:   (Parliament Times)       The Azad Jammu Kashmir (AJK) President Sardar Masood Khan has expressed the hope that the Southeast Asian nations will come forward to help the oppressed Kashmiri people and will extend support to them in their just struggle towards their tight to self-determination.

Talking to a high level 16-member parliamentary delegation of ASEAN here on Thursday, he said that the Kashmiri people had attached great expectations with the ASEAN states particularly the Malaysian parliament.

Led by head of Malaysian Consultative Council for Islamic Organization Haji Mohammad Azmi Abdul Hamid, the delegation included MPs from Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand and Cambodia.

While expressing disappointment over the role of the UN Security Council, the AJK president regretted that the world body had failed to raise an effective voice against genocide and the trampling of human rights of the Kashmiri people.

He lamented that the UN Security Council is not concerned over the happenings in occupied Kashmir, as its President Karen Pierce has denied debating on Kashmir this month. “It appears that the Security Council is waiting for the complete annihilation of Kashmiri people,” he added while asking “if not now, then when?”

“This is a war between humanity and inhumanity”, he said while adding that that the world must wake up and realize the pain and agony of Kashmiris.

Similarly, he maintained that although the OIC had raised voice in favour of Kashmiris right to self-determination on different occasions and has recently also passed a resolution in the meeting of the Contact Group on Jammu and Kashmir.

He especially thanked Malaysia, China, Turkey and Iran for adopting a clear stand in support of the people of occupied Kashmir, and hoped that other countries would also adopt the similar stand, and extend moral and political support to the Kashmiri people.

He said that member states of ASEAN have displayed regional cooperation for the common good of their people. He said that the longstanding issue has to be resolved to ensure regional peace and security herein South Asia. Instead, he said India continues to threaten to ‘retake’ Azad Kashmir and also of the use of nuclear weapons.

Speaking on the occasion, head of the delegation Haji Azmi Abdul Hamid said that this was the second time he has led a delegation to Pakistan and Azad Kashmir to assess the on the ground the situation of occupied Kashmir. They said that they fully realize the agonies of Kashmiri people. He said their visit aimed to declare support and express solidarity with the Kashmiri people.

Terming the atrocities taking in place in IOK as glaring, Haji Azmi said that this is a case of the genocide of people and nationhood. He added that information received from IOK have shown that Kashmiris are not even allowed to take the bodies of their kin who have been killed by Indian forces.

Haji Azmi added that the extremist Hindutva policy of India is like white supremacy which is targeting the people of the region and leading to the slow death of 8 million Kashmiris. India is demarcating borders within the occupied territory arbitrarily.

They said that 600 million people of ASEAN states will play their role to seek justice for the Kashmiri people. A decision has already been taken to set up an ASEAN advocacy group to raise voice in favour of Kashmiri people, while we would contact parliaments of the regional countries, and are also trying to use the mosques network to launch a big Kashmiri campaign. ASEAN NGOs will also be used in this regard, he added. In the future, he said, we will strive to send an ASEAN media delegation to visit AJK and Pakistan.

Datuk Tahir Khan condemned the criminal negligence of the UN Security Council on the Kashmir issue, and said on return to their respective countries; members of the delegation would launch effective campaigns to project the Kashmir cause. He said that UNSC has displayed indifference over Kashmir as it is a dispute that relates to Muslims while matters like East Timur and South Sudan was resolved expeditiously.

Hasanuddin Bin Mohd Yunus declared ill-treatment by Indian forces toward the Kashmiri children, which are a violation of Convention on the Rights of the Child by detaining children in such large number. He said that the initiative proposed by the leaders of Pakistan, Turkey and Malaysia for launching an international English language channel. He said that this channel can be a great opportunity for us to highlight the Kashmir issue internationally.

Thai member of the delegation Mohammad Faisal stressed the need for a peaceful political solution to the Kashmir issue in the light of UN resolutions. He said that the right to self-determination is a basic right of all humans and the Kashmiris must decide their political future according to their free will.