RCB authorities defying the directions of higher authorities


Staff Report,

RAWALPINDI: Contrary to the orders of the Director Military Lands and Cantonment Department (ML&CD), the Rawalpindi Cantonment Board (RCB) has again assigned the duties of the building checker to the lower division clerks (LDCs).
Sources said that LDCs Sajid Ur Rahman, Muhammad Naseem, Qamar Shah and Shahzad Manzoor as deputed as building checkers and assigned the area of Ward 01, 02, 08 and 10-A respectively.

The Headquarter ML&CD in letter No 92/197/ADG(Est)/ML&C/2015 had issued order to all the cantonment board to assign the duty of the building checking only to those building checkers who have been regularly appointed as building checkers, no temporary employee or lower grade employee will be assigned the duties of building checker.

It is further stated that these duties will not be assigned also to the permanent LDC junior staff, if regular building checkers are non-existent or deficient in number then they should be recruited against existing vacancies.

But contrary to the order of the higher authorities the RCB administration once again deputed their near and dears in the building control section.

The building checkers are also directed to wear uniforms during duty and do not visit any property without uniform.

If any un-authorized constructions are found which was not reported by any building checker, strict disciplinary action shall be taken against them as per service rules, stated in a notification issued by the RCB authorities.

Sources said that RCB employees use their reference to get posted as building super checker and those who have served on these post have become millionaires even having very low-grade jobs.

Jameel Ahmed – resident of Meharabad, Rawalpindi – in his application to Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of RCB accused that the former building super checker Naseer Yousaf has taken 0.8 million rupees from him as bribe money for allowing him the construction.

Sources said, the building checker allegedly gets millions of rupees as bribe money for allowing the un-authorized construction in the jurisdiction of RCB.

Abdullah Khan – a resident of Naseerabad – said, higher authorities of Military Lands and Cantonment Department should investigate the assets and living style of the employee who had served in building control department is last 10 years, the will know how much corruption is going on in this department.

He blamed that RCB higher officials are aware of all this but kept their eye blind towards this corruption.