Massacre of Jammu Muslims worst form of ethnic cleansing: Mehmood Saghar


Islamabad:    (Parliament Times)    The vice president Jammu Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party (JKDFP) Mehmood Ahmed Saghar while paying eulogizing tributes to martyrs of Jammu has said that Hindu chauvinists aided and abetted by Dogra Maharaja wiped out the entire Muslim population with a mala-fide intent to alter demography of the region.

Terming it as a worst example of genocide and ethnic cleansing Saghar said that during the intervening period of time (27 Oct 1947 to 6 Nov 1947) thousands of Muslims were massacred in Jammu region by mobs and paramilitaries led by the army of Dogra ruler Hari Singh whereas tens of thousands of hapless families were forced to flee and take refuge in newly formed state of Pakistan. He said that the massacre goes down in Kashmir history as a Muslim holocaust in which men, women and even children were ruthlessly killed and murdered in front of their parents. He said that history bears testimony to the fact that after committing this massacre the gun-toting and swords brandishing Hindu goons were seen marching on main thoroughfares of Jammu city while carrying severed heads of slayed children above on their spear heads.

He said that a chronology of key events of Kashmir history amply demonstrated the fact that changing demographic complexion of Muslim majority state of Jammu and Kashmir had always been on the cards from day one. The Muslims, he said constituted more than 60 percent of the population of Jammu region, were reduced to a minority after killing more than two lakh (two hundred thousands) Muslims.

Saghar said that stripping Jammu and Kashmir of its decades’ old special status and doing away with article 35-A was part of this sinister design to convert Muslim majority of the state into minority.

Urging the people of Jammu and Kashmir to remain vigilant of the Indian intrigues the DFP leader said that Modi led fascist regime through its new lot of henchmen was trying to deceive common masses besides befooling the international community. He said that it was high time that the valiant people of Kashmir who offered matchless sacrifices for the noble cause of freedom from Indian occupation should forge complete unity and concurrence at levels to foil the BJP’s nefarious agenda.

Meanwhile, the DFP leader expressed his deep sense of shock and sorrow over the sad demise of the mother of incarcerated APHC leader Naeem Ahmed Khan and extended his heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family.