Azadi March: LHC seeks answers from Maulana Fazl in mutiny proceedings against him


LAHORE:      The high court issued a notice to parties involved seeking answers in the ongoing inquiry with regards to mutiny against the state and its institutions, heads. The case was filed by the incumbent government against JUIF leader and the Azadi Marchers.
According to the details, the court remarked during the hearing that the country’s constitution allowed the right to protest to individuals, as well as a political party.
The court further said that such uprisings are to be stopped by the government, it’s their responsibility to ensure that the basic demands of the people are met and such dissent is kept to the minimum, said the court.
The application seeking trial and punishment for Maulana Fazlur Rehman and the ‘Azadi March’ entailed that the leaders made incendiary comments against the incumbent government and the sitting Prime Minister of Pakistan and warranted action.
The application read that Fazlur Rehman had suggested that the crowd goes to the Prime Minister’s house and arrest the prime minister, Imran Khan.
The application maintained that such commentary was providing a basis to unneeded chaos and anarchy in the country.