India’s bifurcation move unacceptable, will fight for revival of national identity: Sallahudin


S. A Haidri,
Muzaffarabad: Chairman United Jihad Council Syed Salah ud Din said that we do not accept Indian endeavors of partition in the State of Jammu and Kashmir.

While addressing a public gathering here on Sunday, he said that United Nations has failed to implement its own 18 resolutions on Kashmir.

He stated, “People of Jammu and Kashmir have no other option but to resist for their right of freedom.”

He said that India divided the 173 years old State of Jammu and Kashmir.

“According to United Nations resolutions, Jammu and Kashmir is conflict area between Indian and Pakistan but Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi surpassed the opinion and will of the people of Jammu and Kashmir and ignored the status of Pakistan as party” Syed maintained.

He said that Modi declared in his election manifesto to abrogate Article 370 and 35-A besides making a promise to occupy Azad Kashmir, “now his government is taking conspiratorial measures to occupy the whole State of Jammu and Kashmir” Syed stated.

He addressed that people in Indian occupied Kashmir are under continuous curfew and military siege for the last three months, “curfews, crack downs, communication blackout and Indian brutalities are slap on the face of so called human right organizations,” he said.

He said that India want to restrict our just freedom struggle by creating economic miseries, “India! However, through armed forces or by imposing restrictions cannot suppress the voice of people of Jammu and Kashmir” Syed reiterated.

“We pay rich tribute of our brethren in Indian Occupied Kashmir whose houses were raided, their trades and jobs are ended, their women were raped, the land has become graveyard of thousands of anonymous graves, their young children are in jails, many of our sisters and daughters became widows but still their spirit for freedom is unflinching” he added.

“We want to tell India in clear and unambiguous terms that its military occupation, division of state and integration will not be accepted in any way,” Syed said.

He said rather, a decisive battle will be fought for the independence of the Jammu and Kashmir from India.

“When India appointed governors in Jammu and Kashmir, Government of Pakistan didn’t even condemn on Indian act but seemed busy to resolve political grudges” he said.

He said that when Kashmir was being partitioned, Foreign Minister of Pakistan should be present at the headquarters of the United Nations and raise effective voice against this unconstitutional move of India.

He stated that the silent attitude of Government of Pakistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir is unbearable, disappointing and very hurtful.

He expressed disappointment on the role of international organizations and other global institutions as they didn’t care and fulfill their promises on Kashmir.

He lamented that our youngsters who embrace martyrdoms are buried in green Pakistani flags, “Pakistan being equipped with nuclear weapons, JF 17 thunders, Shahab, Ghauri missiles and powerful forces why government of Pakistan is still silent?” Syed asked.

He said that if Pakistan support us militarily then we can defeat Indian armed forces through our indigenous armed struggle, “our youngsters resist with Indian armed forces through stones, if we have weapons then their coward forces cannot face us, it is our right that Pakistan should give us armed support.” Syed stated.