EU Lawmakers’ visit to IoK, an attempt to hoodwink world community: Saghar


Islamabad:     (Parliament Times)    While expressing his serious concern over the continued clampdown and communication blockade in occupied Kashmir the vice president Jammu and Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party Mehmood Ahmed Saghar on Wednesday said that on one hand the disputed territory has been turned into a hell for its residents while on the other Modi led fascist regime was shamelessly arranging the visits of European Lawmakers to show that ‘all is well in Kashmir’.

Terming it as an attempt to mislead the world community about the situation in Kashmir Saghar in a statement said that the so-called normalcy narrative peddled by New Delhi was nothing but an outlandish act to create a smokescreen to conceal the horrendous crimes India troops have been committing against the unarmed and defenseless people of Kashmir. “If the situation in Kashmir is really normal then why didn’t they give visiting lawmakers an unfettered access to common people and places in Kashmir to have a fair assessment of the situation”, Saghar asked.

This concocted narrative he said was not only exposed by the Indian opposition party leaders but the European Lawmakers who have been part of the delegation that visited Kashmir recently. Besides congress leader Rahul Ghandi Saghar pointed out that Nicolaus Fest, one of the MPs who visited Kashmir was quoted as saying by a news agency that “there is some kind of disbalance, which the government should somehow address it”.

Referring to another MP Saghar said “Chris Davies, MEP from Britain’s Liberal Democrat had refused to be a part in a PR stunt for the Modi government and pretend that all is well”. “It is very clear that democratic principles are being subverted in Kashmir, and the world needs to start taking notice”, the MP has been quoted as saying.

Urging India to shun its policy of deceit and deception the DFP leader said that it was high time that New Delhi should accept and acknowledge the ground reality that Kashmir is a dispute that needs to be resolved peacefully in accordance with the universally accepted principle of right to self-determination.

Meanwhile, the DFP leader condemned the continued siege of occupied Kashmir valley for the past almost three months. He asked the international community to influence upon the Indian authorities to end lockdown in the occupied territory and allow the Kashmiri people decide their fate by themselves.