IDDDS endeavors to highlight Kashmir issue for the stability of peace in South Asia


Turkey: Director Institute of Dialogue Development and Diplomatic Studies (IDDDS) Dr. Waleed Rasool on his visit to Turkey met the advisor to President Tayyab Erdogan Yasin Atgai in his office on Thursday.

During his meeting Advisor to President Turkey expressed grave concerns on current deterioratin situation of Kashmir. He said that we will keep supporting Pakistan on Kashmir issue according to United Nations (UN) resolutions.

He urged that Lobbying from Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) is inevitable to sustain this policy on international level.

We (Republic of Turkey) are reviving the concept of Unity among Muslims and we need support of Islamabad in this regard.

He further stated that Turkey had 12 billion trade with India but despite of this immense trade, we will keep supporting Pakistan stance on Kashmir.

“We are ready to help Kashmiri students”, we have created a space in Turkey to give equal importance to Palestine and Kashmir issue” Yasin added.

Director IDDDS also met with Turkish Think tank Executive Director Mr. Yelmiz.

It was decided in the meeting that a Media conference in Turkey will help the people in corridors of power to understand the just position of Pakistan as per UN resolution.

Dr. Waleed Rasool said that India is enhancing its influence in Ankara to sustain present position of IOK.

“Joint study can be launched to identify the areas were Pakistan and Turkey relations can be enhanced” Waleed added.

Yelmiz said that Kashmiri’s must set a center in Ankara to influence International Media, The international students of media and IR can be best ambassadors of Kashmir cause if they will work together.

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