Mutual understanding and integration between different communities is essential for prosperous Society :Baroness Nosheena Moubrik


Rasheed Ahmed

BRUSSELS, (Parliament Times):Baroness Nosheena Moubrik Member of European Parliament Chairperson

Called on Mr Nasir Muhammad Consular and Police adviser of Brussels city. She said Mutual understanding and integration between different communities are essential for the prosperous society
Baroness Nosheena is a known political activist and Chairperson of Delegation for relations with the countries of South Asia Delegation holds regular meetings to monitor.Developments in South Asia of interest to the EU.
South Asian ambassadors and officials from the European External Action Service and the European

Commissions are regularly invited to participate in the meetings. Speakers from think tanks, non- governmental Organizations (NGOs) and national or international organizations are invited on a case-by-case basis. When Members of the Delegation travel to the region; they are often received by speakers of parliament, foreign Ministers and prime ministers or presidents. The delegation has also met with the EU’s Heads of Mission and

With business and civil society representatives. The EU’s relations with the six countries covered by the Delegation are based on different legal frameworks, which reflect diverse patterns of trade, investment, Development cooperation technical assistance and cultural links.

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