Rawalpindi Police reluctant to vacate citizen house despite filling complaint to IGP


City Report,

RAWALPINDI: The Inspector General of Police (IGP) – Punjab complaint cell also failed to provide relief to the citizen. Rawalpindi Police advise the citizen to approach the court to get vacate his house from the Police Chowki.

According to details, Nadeem Umer – a resident of Rawalpindi- lodge a complaint at IGP complaint cell with complaint number 2146632 and claimed that the Rawalpindi Police is reluctant to vacate his house where the Gulzar-e-Quaid Chowki of Police Station Airport- Rawalpindi is established.

He said, the said house was given to the police department on rent through a property dealer decade ago, but the police did not paid them rent for many years. Finally, he lodges a complaint to City Police Officer (CPO) Rawalpindi requested to vacate his house and pay pending rent.

On his complaint, the Superintendent of Police (SP) Headquarter held an inquiry and recovered the pending rent from different police officials, and also ensured him that house will be vacated within a month, he added.

During the inquiry it was proved that money in favor of rent was withdrawn from Government account but was not paid to them, he added.

Meanwhile, she was transferred from Rawalpindi and his case was once again stopped. After that he filed multiple application to the Regional Police Officer (RPO) and CPO but they did not bother, he maintained.

Nadeem said, he lodged a complaint at IGP-Punjab helpline on October 03, 2019 and received a call after few hours from Police to visit RPO office on October 04, adding that when he went to the RPO office they waited for one hour and finally they appear before the RPO.

“I informed RPO that I have filed multiple application to Police including you to vacate my house but complain is not resolved yet, the SP Pothohar Syed Ali was also present in his office he took me out from there and said go and bring court bailiff / order then we will vacate your house”, he said.

He said that he informed the IGP complaint cell again and informed them about the answer of the Police. The IGP Complaint cell officials answered that RPO is the representative of IGP in Rawalpindi, the only option left is to visit IGP office Lahore.

Nadeem said, an official in the RPO office wishing anonymity advised him that more than 80 percent Police station and Chowkis are established on disputed land / houses, the police department do not vacate them unless the owner approach the court, so instead of filling application directly approach the court.

The citizen in his applications claims that the electricity meter of the house is also missing and rent of almost one lac rupees is also pending towards the police department.

He said, they were not aware that the property dealer is giving the house on rent to the police. “my case is a lesson for others”, he grieved.

Nadeem also criticized the PTI led provincial government for not doing reforms in the police and said, the police is same as was earlier, no one listen to the complaint of a common citizen.

Despite repeated attempts the Superintendent of Police (SP) Pothohar Syed Ali could not be reached for his version.