What we sell after Trumps U-Turn


Modi won elections while Trump starts his second term election campaign and Indian Premier—in ‘Howdy Modi’ Rally organized by Indian Diaspora in Texas as Indian Power Show—succeeded to show and realize the US President that Indian community in US is his vote and help him in winning second term in the White House. At the same time ‘Howdy Modi’ Rally was a wake-up call for Pakistani Government and its facilitators in establishment, who now need to look for some other commodity to sell to Pakistani people as their puppet and all what they were selling before have failed miserably and India took all liberties to gain space in the US, once a non-NATO ally of Pakistan during the war against terror in Afghanistan, which casted heavy men and material loss to Pakistan.
Political Pundits are of the view that during previous visit of COAS Qamar Javed Bajwa and PM Imran Khan the establishment was much optimistic that it will get some work like past and US President Trump’s offer of mediation has raised their hoped to extreme and against they have in general and PM Khan in particular has shown optimism but Indian Modi has swept all the hopes by organizing ‘Howdy Modi’ Rally in Texas and brought President Trump to the event.
The Modi show has one more thing to realize for Pakistani establishment that the US needs no support of Pakistan in bail-out from Afghanistan so they have to play all their cards carefully.
During his previous visit to the US PM Khan addressed the Pakistani community at Capital One Arena on July 22, with a seating capacity of above 20,000 persons most of which had been booked already with more people still registering themselves to attend the event. The PM’s community address was like a gathering of Pakistani expatriates and Khan failed to make an effective power show rather addressed like he was addressing the dancing gathering of container era and assured the gathering that he will remove the air-conditioner and television from the jail room of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.
‘Howdy Modi’ Rally was arranged at a time when United Nations General Assembly is to meet in the US and a heavy Pakistani delegation is there to gain some US support to pacify Pakistani people crying under worsening economic, political and social crisis under the establishment installed PTI Government.
But the US President despite his previous commitment to mediate between India and Pakistan to help resolve disputes, has took a new turn, rather ‘U-Turn’, in the rally saying, ‘We are committed to protect innocent civilians from radical Islamic terrorism, We thank you (Indians), we love you, and my administration is fighting for you every day. I love Hindus and India’, If we are re-elected, India will have a true and good friend in the white house’, this was latest narrative of US President Donald Trump during his speech to ‘Howdy Modi’ rally.
President Trump attended ‘Howdy, Modi’ rally at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas and declared in front of a 50,000-strong crowd that India and the United States understand to keep our communities safe, we must protect our borders. He was of the view that the border security is imperative for the US and India.
The event and walk of Trump in the venue with Modi is indication that the President is on election campaign for second term and Indian fascist Modi succeeded to show Indian power in US.
No one is sure what Pakistani delegation, moved to the US in a specially offered Saudi jet, will do to buy some support of Donald Trump administration if not for Kashmir but at least for its face saving in Pakistan.
Though, Khan—the PM of U-Turns, who has declared himself to be the Ambassador of Kashmir—need not to give any clarification after his return from the US as he is under the support of strong establishment which is on path of war against political forces, but even then some sane people can raise the voice and ask what happen and how why Pakistan’s strong foreign policy failed to buy some space in the world community.
Though Trump’s remarks risk being perceived as supporting India over Pakistan in a dispute that he’s offered to help mediate between India and Pakistan, a proposal India rejected. Kashmir has been a source of conflict between India and Pakistan since partition in 1947 and is now effectively split between the countries.
Though the ‘Howdy, Modi’ Rally was a big show but was eclipsed by a huge protest demonstration against the Indian atrocities in the Indian Occupied Kashmir, where the people have been under a lockdown for over 50 days.
President Trump and PM Modi were sharing a stage and showering each other with praise at the NRG football stadium on September 22, 2019, during the event organized by Indian diaspora, almost the equal number of demonstrators belonging to various ethnicities gathered outside to hold an anti-Modi demonstration out-side the NRG football stadium that include large number of Kashmiris, Sikhs, Pakistanis and human rights activists from across the Texas state, chanted slogans like “Go back Modi” and “Modi is a terrorist”.
The massive anti-Modi protest came as a morale booster for Kashmiris under siege and Kashmiri diaspora gained strength as people across the globe are standing with them at this hour of need.

Writer is a working journalist and regular column writer and can be reached on [email protected]