Brother sentenced to life imprisonment in Model Qandeel Baloch murder case


MULTAN:      The court has convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment, Wasim major accused in model Qandeel Baloch murder case

Model Qandeel Baloch murder case came up for hearing before Sessions court Multan Friday.

Judge Imran Shafi while announcing the judgment awarded life sentence to Wasim brother of Q andeel Baloch and major accused in this murder case.

The court acquitted the other accused including Mufti Abdul Qavi by giving them doubt of benefit.

The counsels for the accused and prosecution had completed their arguments during the hearing of the case on Thursday and the court had reserved the judgment.
In an affidavit submitted on August 21, the parents said they had forgiven their sons, urging the court to acquit them.

The court while expressing annoyance had rejected the plea and remarked any reconciliation process or pardoning the accused by the petitioners of the case cannot be accepted in the case pertaining to killing for honor.

Model Qandeel Baloch was murdered on the night between July 15 and 16 in 2016 and the case in this regard was registered in Muzaffarabad police station.

The police investigation revealed that Model Qandeel Baloch was strangled to death. Wasim brother of Qandeel had confessed the crime after his arrest. But he refused after his indictment by court.

In this case religious scholar Mufti Qavi and others including Abdul Basit, Zafar Iqbal, Aslam Shaheen and Haq Nawaz were also arrested.