CASA 1000 project to be completed on priority basis


Islamabad:             The Ambassador of Tajikistan to Pakistan, Ismatullo Nasredin has stated that the international CASA 1000 project for transmission of electricity to Pakistan is being completed on a priority basis.
He has reiterated that the project is of immense significance, after the completion of which Pakistan will be the key beneficiary for electricity supply from Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. This project focuses to on supply of renewable, clean and better energy to Pakistan. The ambassador said that Pakistan was among the first nations to recognize Tajikistan which makes the mutual relationship all the more important. These views were expressed by the ambassador of Takistan to Pakistan in his interview with a leading online channel, Media Talk.

The ambassador reiterated that the CASA 1000 project is not only about electricity supply, but also about regional connectivity, since it will connect four countries of the region. The project is supported by International Financial institutions like the World Bank and is also financed by several other international and regional institutions. The total length of the transmission lines will span more than a thousand kilometers, and in the future roads and pipelines can be constructed along the project. With the completion of this project, the connectivity of this region will be more widely used and then in future this project can be extended. The project and its transmission lines can be also used by Pakistan for exporting electricity in winters whenever reverse electricity supply is possible.

During the interview with Media Talk, the Tajik Ambassador, Ismatullo Nasredin, also recalled that last year the twenty five years Tajikistan-Pakistan diplomatic relations were celebrated, and that two countries have remained closely connected during these long years. Pakistan was among the first states, which recognized the independence of the Republic of Tajikistan in the early 90s. Ever since, the ties and bond of brotherhood between the two nations has grown from strength to strength. According to the ambassador, many visits on the highest level have been exchanged and today the two nations share same views on regional and international issues. The two countries enjoy strong relations in the field of security and military cooperation, and are now celebrating 28 years of mutual relations and cooperation.

In response to a question, Ambassador Ismatullo Nasredin reminded that Tajikistan had to pass through a very difficult period of its history. In early 90s the nation was in a serious conflicts and Tajikistan’s Founder of Peace and National Unity, Leader of the Nation, President of Tajikistan Mr. Emomali Rahmon was the person who brought peace to Tajikistan, who took the whole responsibility of the nation at the time of independence. As a leader, his first step was to bring peace to Tajikistan, and stability to the country as well as the broader region. His role in the establishment of peace and stability has been acknowledged. Nowadays, Tajik Peace is being studies as a role model by the United Nation’s institutes and it can be implemented in other parts of the world.

About the achievements of Tajikistan as a state and a nation, the ambassador informed that besides bringing peace and stability in the region, good relations with neighboring countries within the central Asia and beyond has been another great achievement. Internally too the nation has made great strides in socioeconomics, poverty alleviation, food security, agricultural and industrial development, science and technology, and transport and communication.
In response to another question, Ambassador Ismatullo Nasredin informed that Tajikistan was carefully following the implementation CPEC and its related projects and ideas. Even though the project is named as China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, CPEC is still very important to Tajikistan, because it will finally connect Pakistan through China to Central Asia which will be significant for faster communication, transfer of goods and services as well as for the movement of the people.