Indian newspaper praises austerity drive of Imran Khan


ISLAMABAD:            Indian newspaper praised the austerity drive of Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan, saying Indian netas should learn from neighboring countries.
It stated that Indian premier is wasting money on showpiece events while his Pakistani counterpart uses commercial flights to save money for his country.
It stated Imran Khan is presiding over a government that is battling to save the country from economic breakdown. To gain people’s trust, Imran Khan earlier this year directed his cabinet to fully implement austerity measures and adopt a simple lifestyle so that the ministers are not seen as living an opulent life while the people are suffering.
Imran Khan began with cutting expenses for his own official residence. The previous government had allocated Rs 1.10 billion for the Prime Minister’s House. His government brought it down to Rs 750 million out of it – a saving of 32 per cent, the government spokesperson had said in June this year.
During his July US visit, Imran Khan had taken a commercial airline instead of a chartered plane, as was the norm with previous state visits by top Pakistani leaders. He had even stayed at the official residence of Pakistan’s ambassador to the US instead of occupying a luxury hotel.