Ignoring its own resolutions by UNSC is a question mark on the credibility of organization: Dr Maleeha Lodhi

NEW YORK:             Dr Maleeha Lodhi, Pakistan permanent envoy to UN has said ignoring its own resolutions on Kashmir by UN Security Council (SC) is a question mark on the credibility of this organization.

“ Generations of Kashmiris have paid the price of non implementation of UNSC resolutions on Kashmir issue with their blood. Ignoring its own resolutions by UNSC is a question mark on the credibility of this institution”, she said this while speaking in a debate held here in UN General Assembly on the performance of Security Council.

She made it clear that Kashmir issue is clear sign of not only Indian barbarity but also of non implementation of UNSC resolutions.

She held a marked upsurge has been witnessed in Indian barbarity and state coercion in Occupied Kashmir after Indian August 5 unilateral and brutal acts.

She stressed that UNSC will have to play its role in demanding India to stop blatant human rights violations in Indian Held Kashmir besides lifting curfew therein. UN SC will have to get stop forced arrests and use of pallet guns on the demonstrators in Occupied Kashmir.
She also urged to allow people to exercise all their rights, release all those detained and halt human rights violations including use of force against unarmed demonstrators.

She tweeted “ I said in UN General Assembly that after the illegal Indian annexation of occupied Jammu and Kashmir the grim reality of occupation has become ever starker for the Kashmiris. In its second month, the darkness of the curfew & blackout imposed on the ppl shows no sign of ending”.

Two members of US Congress have written a letter to US secretary of state stressing that he will have to play his role for stopping brutal steps being taken by Modi government in Occupied Kashmir.

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