AKF moot shows grave concern over deteriorating human rights situation in bleeding IOK


Altaf Hamid Rao,

MIRPUR (AJK):       Largely-attended day-long Kashmir Conference hosted by All Kashmir Forum at NaraKot (Tanilan) town of Bagh district in AJK expressed grave concern over continual deteriorating human rights situation in the totally-locked down bleeding Indian-occupied state of Jammu & Kashmir.

The conference titled “Current Human Rights Violations in Ensanguined Paradise Jammu Kashmir, We & Responsibilities of International Community” held late Wednesday called upon the comity of nations, United Nations and the world human rights organizations, claiming to be the champions of the custodian of human rights the world-over, to move ahead to perform their due global responsibilities to save the humanity from the fascist Modi-led regime and over a million of its occupational military and para military forces in the internationally-acknowledged disputed occupied Jammu Kashmir state, which has been turned into world’s largest prison and the unlawful garrison of occupying Indian army since past 38 days ever since the stabbing into disputed Jammu & Kashmir through revocation of its special status from August 5, it added.

The conference further called upon whole world to raise voice on behalf of half widows, victims of rape, families of those who have disappeared, the families of the victims of these killings, unmarked graves in the bleeding valley of Indian occupied Kashmir.

Besides hundreds of the students, teachers and male & female members of civil society, the conference was attended and addressed among others by Brig(R) Prof.Dr.Muhammad Khan, Muhammad Sajjad Khan, Abdul Basit Khan, M. Sadam Inqalabi, Umer Ateeq Yousafzai, Faisal Abbasi, Sardar Saeed Abbasi, WajidAbbasi, Abdul Quddos Khan, IfrazAbbasi and many other prominent human rights activists.

Addressing the conference, renowned scholar, policy maker and mentor of All Kashmir Forum, Brig. (R) Prof. Dr. Muhammad Khan said “the Humanity is bleeding in Kashmir, people are distressed, life is extremely difficult with each passing day”. He continued “assassination of innocent Kashmiris, mass custodial killings, rape and grievous injuries are daily occurrences. Overt the time we have sacrificed our three generations of under a reign of unchecked terror. Sadly the world conscience has not spoken up enough to end this impunity. Bloodshed campaign launched by Modi Govt. was a violation of Geneva Convention and humanitarian laws, Dr. Khan added. He called upon youth to utilize relevant sources to let the world know about continuous curfew from Aug. 05, 2019 to date, brutal acts of Indian government across the heaven like soil. He called for formation of an international human rights commission to investigate genocide& other human rights violations and implemented draconian laws. Prof.Khan paid rich tribute to All Kashmir Forum on organizing such a productive conference continuously.
Human Rights Activist and National Coordinator All Kashmir Forum, Abdul Basit Khan called upon youth, academia and media to play role for highlighting the brutalities in Ensanguined Paradise Jammu Kashmir. He vowed that All Kashmir Forum keep voicing concerns against Indian occupation and injustice in Ensanguined Jammu Kashmir. He said that writing, speaking and becoming a voice of voiceless people of Jammu Kashmir is also “Jihad”.

Kashmir is not an issue of land, resources or religion but it is an issue of humanity. World must have to pressurize India to give Right of Self-determination to the people of Jammu Kashmir, added Abdul Basit Khan.He thanked to Naqeeb Bashir Abbasi, Mujahid Naseem Abbasi, Ifraz Irshad & Abdul Quddos Khan on organizing such a great Kashmir Conference.

Jammu Kashmir Liberation Cell official Muhammad Sajjad Khan said that Kashmir has become a metaphor of grief, atrocities and pain due to violation of human rights by Indian Occupied forces. Kashmir cause is a tale of sacrifices and determination to freedom. Sajjad mentioned that over a million Indian troops have been deployed in Kashmir to terrorise them so that they may submit to the Indian hegemony. “Yet, Kashmiris have been putting up unassailable resistance to Indian brutalities ever since”, he added.

Senior leader All Kashmir Forum, M. Saddam Inqalabi Advocate, Lecturer Quaid e Azam University Islamabad, Social Activist Faisal Abbasi, President Charagh-e-Manzil Sardar Saeed Abbasi, Youth Activist Abdul Quddos Khan, AKF leader Ifraz Arshad, Wajid Iqbal, Saqib Iqbal and other speakers also strongly condemned the continuous curfew, revocation of Article 370, detention of Kashmiri Leadership & Youth Activist, media blackout in Ensanguined Paradise – occupied state of Jammu Kashmir.