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Modi’s terrorism not suppress to Kashmiris right of self determination :PM AJK

LONDON (PID-AJK): Prime Minister Azad Jammu and Kashmir Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider Khan has said that resolution of the lingering Kashmir issue in line with the UNSC relevant resolutions and aspirations of people is inevitable to maintain durable peace in South Asia. Addressing a Kashmir Seminar at Faizan-e-Islam Center here on Sunday, he said the entire region in particular and world in general will affect from Modi’s aggressive designs. The world has now realized Modi’s aggressive policies and his ugly face exposed to the world.

The Prime Minister said Modi’s state terrorism will now not work in Occupied Kashmir and the sacrifices of the Kashmiris will not go in waste. He said Modi proud of his might will not suppress the Kashmiris of their just right to self determination by use of bullets. Raja Farooq Haider said we don’t want a war but capable to thrawt any aggression from Indian side. He said that Indian government is using brute force and pursuing oppression against the innocent Kashmiris to silence their voice. He said there is acute shortage of medicines, food and other commodities. People could not come out from their houses due to curfew and security clampdown. It is the moral obligation of international community to use their influence in lifting curfew, accesses of international human rights organizations to the occupied valley for assisting Kashmiris. He lauded the role of overseas Kashmiris, British Parliamentarians and civil society for raising voice against Indian atrocities on the defenseless Kashmiris struggling for their right to self determination.

Speaking on the occasion, British Parliamentarians Lord Nazir Ahmed, Steela Cracy and prominent community leaders strongly condemned Indian PM Narrinder Modi’s steps following abrogation of special status of the disputed territory. They appealed world community to intervene and protect the human rights of the Kashmiri people.

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