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Pakistan invites to Singapore for investment in tourism,energy,infrastructure education and many other fields: Rukhsana Afzaal

SINGAPORE: Saddia Mazhar Correspondent Daily Parliament Times poses with Mrs. Rukhsana Afzaal Pakistan’s High Commissioner to Singapore after having her interview for Daily Parliament Times

Pakistan attaches great importance to its ties with Singapore and is desirous of further enhancing bilateral Cooperation in diverse fields. Ms. Rukhsana Afzaal, Pakistan’s newly posted Higher Commissioner to Singapore said this in her exclusive interview to Daily Parliament Times in Singapore on other day. While highlighting the need for further economic cooperation, she told that efforts are being made to enhance the overall quantum of bilateral trade between Pakistan and Singapore. The High Commissioner added that her office making efforts to further promote Pakistan's economic and commercial interests in Singapore by utilizing all existing institutional mechanisms. She underscored the significance of high-level interactions between both the important regional countries to further strengthening the ties. “Singapore and Pakistan have bilateral relations since long time. However the volume of trade is just 933 million US dollars by the year 2018 It has been observed that the trade potential among the both countries is vast which needs to be further explored and exploited”, Rukhsana commented.
“We will invite the Singaporean investors to invest in Pakistan in the areas of tourism, energy, infrastructure, healthcare, education, consumer goods, professional services and many other fields”, she added. “I came here in Singapore to present the positive image of Pakistan. Pakistan is rapidly changing and has vast potential of investment in different sectors which should be fully exploited by the investors throughout the world”, Ms. Afzal stated. “Singapore women are becoming economically independent and the rate of women Entrapanure is increasing at a very high percentage. We will try to persuade the Pakistani entrepreneurs in Singapore to benefit from investment-friendly environment of Pakistan”, she further said. While mentioning the growing GDP rate of Singapore in last ten years she said that her aim is to bring Singaporean entrepreneurs to Pakistan, and vice versa. Work is already being started with Collaboration of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Industries of Pakistan. “As Singapore’s economic Growth is role model for the world, I also wish to create some bonds and connections between women entrepreneurs, business tycoons and journalists. We have a vision to help Muslim community for uplifting their community services as well as to create religious harmony between other religions”, Ms. Afzal said. Ms. Rukhsana Afzaal, a wonderful lady belongs to Khaber Pakhtunkha (KPK) has a divers experience in the field of foreign affairs. She is proud mother of two beautiful children. Rukhsana joined the High Commission in Singapore on 7 th August 2019. She joined the Foreign Services back in 1994 and represented Pakistan at several key positions. Prior to her current appointment as High Commissioner in Singapore, Mrs Afzaal was the Director General (Middle East) from 2017 to 2019. Earlier in her career, she was Section Officer (United Nations Division) from 1996 to 1997, Section Officer (Iran and Turkey) from 2001 to 2002, Deputy Director (Japan and Korea) from 2002 to 2005, Director (India) from 2012 to 2013, and Director (Organization and Career Planning) from 2013 to 2014. Mrs. Afzaal has in-depth Knowledge of Muslim Communities around the globe and their issues. She has been working to bring the Muslim women closer and create strong bonding among them. This will help in social and economic upbringing of Muslim women and different cultures will come closer.

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