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‘London Freedom March’; First step towards victory

London Freedom March held by Kashmiri diaspora proved a move towards right direction and a first step towards complete freedom of Kashmir. If Kashmiri diaspora round the globe keep the spirit alive, against all odds and moves being made to crush this spirit by different means, time is not so far when Kashmiris see the dawn of freedom rising on the skies of Jammu Kashmir.
One can easily say the attempt made by Modi Government to abrogate Article 370 and 35 A came as a blessing for Kashmiri nation brewing suppression by one and other means during last 72 years and now it can be attained as an opportunity by Kashmiri nation and Kashmiri diaspora will be vanguard of this move and Freedom March was first successful attempt.
Largely attended Freedom March was a sign of strength Kashmiri diaspora has shown and support Kashmir cause was received from saner voice across the globe, which on one side give strength to Kashmiri under complete black-out but on the other hand caused frustration among occupation forces and their people, who are leaving no stone unturned to cause hurdles to voice of Kashmir gaining momentum in every part of the world.
Though the disturbance created by some element on the occasion of Freedom March, but it should be taken as positive message for Kashmiris and it seems that Kashmiri diaspora is going on right direction and occupation forces are feeling frustrated, because in whole march there was no other flag but Kashmir’s own and beautiful flag was visible everywhere with a charged gathering of Kashmiris and their foreign supporters. The occupants used their touts to create disturbance but here again Kashmiri leadership stood firm and participants calm and London Police did its job and held some and it will be clear who they were and what was their aim. Two people remain in custody of London Police and now the ball is in the court of London Police to bring into light the true face of these elements.
Some pundits are of the view that attack on Indian High Commission was a planned move by India as after August 5, Modi Governments move India is feeling that Kashmir is getting out of its hands. They feel that it was not because of Kashmiris living both sides of the bloody line of divide but because of Kashmiris living outside Kashmir and with the active support of freedom loving people across the globe. Indian High Commission in London tweeted a message showing damaged window pane in its premises, that might be right but who did it is quite clear. India might have targeted the march to malign the Kashmiris’ this move. But Kashmiris diaspora is firm to frustrate all such moves.
Kashmir Freedom March was organized by British Pakistani diaspora and it was continuation of such marches and demonstrations held across the globe demanding respect for human rights. Marches and demonstrations were being held in every capital of world in which thousands of people took out streets to express solidarity with the people of Indian-occupied Kashmir, as a crippling lockdown imposed by the Indian government after abrogating Article 370 and 35 A of its Constitution and revoking its special status.
Kashmir Freedom March, led by Kashmiri leadership without any ideological, regional and social divide, began from Parliament Square and moved towards India House, with thousands protesters waving placards and chanting slogans such as ‘Hum Kya Chahte Azaadi’ (What we need is freedom), ‘Hai Haq Hamari Azaadi’ (It is our birth right to get freedom), ‘Hum chheen kay lain gay — Azaadi!’ (We will snatch by force — the freedom!) and ‘Terrorist terrorist, Modi is a terrorist!’ while some marchers also hurled eggs and tomatoes at the high commission’s building to show anger over crippling lockdown imposed by the Indian government in Indian-occupied Kashmir.
During last 72 years of illegal occupation of Kashmir and dividing the former princely state of Jammu Kashmir into three parts and every part occupied by a nuclear power like China, India and Pakistan, it was a first step towards right direction which surely help to unite Kashmir as it was on August 1947.
All what is happening outside Kashmir is because of unity of Kashmiri Diaspora and now it is Kashmiri Diaspora which can lead this spirit toward its logical conclusion. Kashmiris in Indian-occupied Kashmir are firm and everyday demonstrations are being held in different parts of Kashmir is responsibility of a suppressed community and now ball is again in the court of Kashmiris living outside Kashmir and they have to show their united strength for sacred cause.
It is worthy to remember that Indian government had imposed strict security lockdown and communications blackout in Indian-occupied Kashmir just before it repealed Article 370 and 35 A of the constitution on August 5. Extra troops were sent to Kashmir where already more than 700,000 Indian forces were deployed and heavily militarized, and Kashmiri leadership either pro-India or anti-India along with heavy number of activists were arrested. The lockdown and communications blackout is still in place a month later, despite the Indian government’s claim of having eased some restrictions.
(Writer is a working journalist and a regular column writer and can be reached on [email protected] )

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