CPO seeks report of cases having trans-genders as plaintiffs

Staff Report,

RAWALPINDI: The City Police Officer (CPO) Rawalpindi Faisal Rana on Tuesday sought a report of the cases being registered across the district, having trans-genders as the plaintiffs.

While addressing a meeting of police officers, the CPO directed, if there is any case still under investigation being registered to have a trans-gender as a plaintiff in any police station in the district, the investigation should be completed without delay and if the accused in any case have not yet been arrested, they should be arrested immediately.

He said, the Police should keep an eye on those who exploit the transgender rights being amateur or habitual; the Police shall response promptly in case of any complaint being lodged by any trans-gender.

The CPO maintained, just as the persons involved in theft, robbery and other serious crimes are called record holders of the police, even after being released from the jail, the record of those involved in any kind of crime committed against the trans-genders should be compiled and the accused of trans-gender exploitation be dealt in the same manner as the law deals with the accused, and habitual record holders of other heinous and serious crimes, he issued instruction to the officers during the meeting.

Faisal Rana added, the accused guilty of sexual harassment, physical abuse, and torture, or any exploitation of transgender rights should be presented before the court with solid pieces of evidence so that, the honorable courts can award them such a serious punishment which would be a lesson to society.

In order to minimize the crimes and exploitation of transgender rights in future, these “amateur” and “habitual” law-abusers should be dealt with iron hands under the legal ambit, so that they renounce any type of anti-law activity with regards to this faction of the society, the CPO directed the concerned police officers.

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