One more dies of Congo virus in Quetta


QUETTA:            One more patient lost his life to the Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic fever, commonly referred to as Congo fever, in Quetta’s Fatima Jinnah Hospital.
Dr Sadiq, Head of Infectious Diseases Section at the Fatima Jinnah Hospital, informed that four more patients have been diagnosed with the disease at the hospital. He said that the patients were brought to the hospital after experiencing bleeding from the mouth and nose and running high temperature. The hospital sources said that all the patients were residents of Quetta.
According to local administration, the number of people diagnosed with Congo virus in the province in ongoing year has risen to 19 out of which lost their lives because of the disease.
Congo fever is a tick-borne viral disease which is mainly transferred to humans from pets. Its symptoms include fever, flu, bloody urine, vomiting and nose bleeding.