Strategy evolved to stop 50000 illegal rickshaws service


PESHAWAR:           Strategy has been evolved to shut service of 50000 illegal rickshaws in Peshawar following possible launching of Peshawar Rapid Bus (PRB) service after January 01.

Over 80000 rickshaws are plying in Peshawar city out of which over 50000 are illegal. Some rickshaws among them are owned by government employees.

However approval has been accorded to shut service of over 50000 illegal rickshaws in the wake of possible launching of PRB service in Peshawar from January 01, 2020.

Most of the rickshaws running in Peshawar are illegal as the rickshaw drivers are having no permit and some rickshaws are running in different shifts under one number plate.

Details of rickshaws running in city, cantt, town and adjacent areas have been obtained.

Sources said in the first phase traffic police, excise department, intelligence agencies will conduct joint operation and the rickshaws owned by government employees will be closed down. In the second phase service of taxis running without permit will be abolished.