Police arrested two persons for blackmailing student


Staff Report

RAWALPINDI: Police on Friday has arrested 2 persons for allegedly blackmailing a student by making his objectionable dance video.

According to Rawalpindi Police spokesperson, Saqib Jamshed – a student of a private university and resident of Sialkot – approached the police on social media and complained that his friend namely Raees – resident of Rawalpindi – accompanied by Awais took him to the forest while going to Murree.

He claimed, the accused seized cash, laptops, and mobiles, etc from Saqib Jamshed, at the insistence of arms. The accused forcefully made him take off his clothes and forced him to nude dance and continued to make a video of this horrific act through mobile.

Police on complaint of Saqib registered FIR against the accused under the relative legal provisions of abduction and dacoity in Police Station Rawat and arrested the accused. The Police have recovered the snatched accessories of a student from the accused, alongside the recovery of arms.

The SP Sddar Division Rai Mazhar Iqbal while briefing the CPO Rawalpindi Mohammad Faisal Rana about the case said that the Rawat police have arrested the two accused, Raees and Owais, and recovered the snatched laptop and cash, etc, from their possession.

The CPO Rawalpindi appraised SP Saddar on this valorous action saying that such accused use social media for their negative and anti-law purposes.

Moreover, The CPO Rawalpindi Faisal Rana on Friday has also suspended the SHO of PS Kahuta over the complaints of collecting the sacrificial skins by banned outfits on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha and failing to trace the incidents of dacoities in his area and also new SHO has been posted at PS Kahuta.

The CPO also took strict notice of the dacoity in the area of Waris Khan police station, and sought explanation from the SHO regarding the incident by issuing him a show-cause notice.

If the cases of dacoities were not traced, and the accused were not arrested alongside the recovery of looted goods, then the SHO concerned would have to go home, warned the CPO Rawalpindi, Mohammad Faisal Rana.