Protest held on PM Modi arrival in Paris



BRUSSELS:     Kashmir Council Europe (KC-EU), Sikh community and other organizations have staged a protest demonstration in the capital of France. The protest gathering was organized on arrival of Indian Prime Minister Narandra Modi at 7 Place de Fontenoy in front of UNESCO headquarters in Paris on Friday.

PM Modi accompanying his delegation was present in the building during the protest.

A huge gathering of the Europe based Kashimris, Pakistanis, Sikhs, representatives of other oppressed nations and their sympathizers joined the protest

Protesters carrying placards and banners condemned the Indian atrocities against the people of Kashmir and as well as violence against religious minorities in India.

Participants of the demonstration strongly deplored the constant curfew, arrest of political leaders and activists and other restrictions on the oppressed people of occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

They raised slogans in favour of peace in Jammu and Kashmir and against Indian brutalities in the occupied territory and aggressive behavior of Indian fanatics groups against the religious minorities in India.

It is important to mention that KC-EU has boosted its awareness campaign against the Indian illegal actions in occupied Kashmir including revoking special status of Jammu and Kashmir and continued Indian brutalities in the disputed land.

Since, India revoked special status of Jammu and Kashmir by removing article 370 and 35A and imposed a constant curfew in the occupied land earlier this month, KC-EU has arranged peaceful protest camps, demonstrations and other gatherings like sit-in in the different places of Brussels. The Kashmir Council EU also started to write letters to the EU officials and contacted the international bodies and human rights organizations asking them to take serious notice of severe situation of human rights in Indian occupied Kashmir. KC-EU is also in the contact through email with the politically and socially active figures of the world in the context.

Chairman Kashmir Council EU Ali Raza Syed who determined to continue protest against the genocide of oppressed people of Jammu and Kashmir, said, India has sent a large number of extremists of the fanatic Indian organizations in order to commit brutal acts against the people of the occupied land.

Kashmir Council EU will also organize a rally in collaboration with Kashmir Free organization on 24th August in the city of Dresden in Germany and will also arrange a cycle rally on 27th August in Brussels for solidarity with the people of occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

Mr Ali Raza Syed said, life of people of Kashmir valley has been paralyzed as they are facing severe hardships due to crimes against the humanity committed by the Indian forces in this occupied territory.

He urged the international community to send their fact-finding missions and stop the human rights violation in the occupied Kashmir.

He also asked the civilized world including people and government of France to stop the Indian authorities from further violation of human rights of oppressed people of Jammu and Kashmir.

Chairman KC-EU appealed the major powers of the glob to pressurize India to give right to self-determination to the people of Jammu and Kashmir, so that they could be able to decide about their future in a free atmosphere under international supervision.