Civil society urges UN Secretary General to take notice of continued inhuman siege in IoK


Presents a memorandum to UNMOGIP officials in Islamabad,

Islamabad:  (Parliament Times)     Members of civil society & representatives of the People of Jammu Kashmir on Friday condemned the recent actions of government of India to annex the disputed Territory of Jammu and Kashmir by revoking Article 370 of the Indian Constitution.

In a memorandum presented to the UN MOGIP officials here in Islamabad the civil society members maintained that the Presidential degree and the subsequent lockdown of Kashmir by over 800,000 army, para-military troops was is in violation of UN Security Council Resolutions on Kashmir, and other bilateral agreements between India and the Kashmir Government and between the Governments of India and Pakistan which is are parties to the Kashmir dispute.

It reminded the world body that the annexation of the disputed territory has been held unconstitutional and unethical and violation of all international norms by different experts deprives the people of Kashmir from their political social and cultural rights and leaves them at the mercy of Government of India to determine the demographic deposition of the state. “The Indian intentions to annex the state has far reaching affects that will ultimately frustrate the people’s right to self-determination guaranteed under United Nations Resolutions”, the memo said.

Expressing grave concerns on the prevailing situation on LOC the communique said, “The Indian forces since 4th of August are continuously firing with heavy weaponry on civilian population. This indiscriminate firing has caused a great loss to the people living on LOC and adjacent areas. The civilian population has been forced to flee leaving behind their properties and other dwellings. The firings by Indian Occupation forces have so far killed number of innocent civilians including school going children, women and has caused huge loss to the property”.

The Indian forces they said were specifically targeting civilians with intention to harass them and create war hysteria in the region which is going to threaten the peace and tranquility guaranteed by United Nations to the people at large.

Referring to the notification issued by State Disaster Management Authority Govt of AJK the memo pointed out the fact that indiscriminate firing has not only caused civilian killings but also damaged the properties. “The indiscriminate firing has caused irreparable loss to the civilians and has caused fear psychosis among the population living on LOC”, they maintained.

They urged the United Nations through military observers group stationed at Islamabad to persuade India (a) to stop firing on LOC which has caused great Human Loss in Cash & Kind, (b) To resolve the long standing Kashmir dispute according to United Nations resolutions as being the bone of contention between two nuclear states. (c) To end the communication blockade which has deprived divided families across the LOC to communicate with their dear ones. (d) End the siege of Kashmiris who have been caged since 4th of August, 2019 and are deprived of essential commodities of life and lifesaving drugs. (e) To restore freedom of speech and expression guaranteed under UN chartered and International Laws. (f) Release Political prisoners whose score has reached more than 10,000. (g) Exercise all means to resolve the long standing dispute according to the wishes and aspirations of the people of Jammu & Kashmir.