Punjab govt to hold Sikh conventions in Lahore, Nankana Sahib: CM Buzdar


LAHORE:    The Punjab government has decided to hold Sikh conventions in connection with the 550th birthday anniversary of the founder of Sikhism Baba Guru Nanak and the Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar has given approval to it. The first sitting will be held at Governor’s House Lahore while the next huddle will be arranged in Nankana Sahib district and Sikh community, from across the world, will attend it. Chief Minister Usman Buzdar has directed to make best arrangements adding that every possible facility will be provided to the Sikh visitors. He said that Rs15 crore has been spent on repair and maintenance of roads in Nankana Sahib and this would facilitate the Sikh pilgrims visiting their holy place. He maintained that foundation stone of Baba Guru Nanak University in Nankana Sahib is a self-evident proof of religious tolerance and harmony as the government of Pakistan is providing all sorts of facilities to the Sikhs and other religious minorities.

Punjab government to devise latest monitoring system: The Punjab government has decided to devise the latest monitoring system for early solution of public complaints and the Chief Minister Usman Buzdar has given approval to it. Usman Buzdar has said that the latest monitoring system will be launched from Lahore and the performance of PHA, LWMC, LDA and WASA will be monitored initially. This system will be extended to other cities and departments in phases and data regarding departmental performance and redressal of public complaints will be collected. The chief minister also directed the urban unit to develop the mobile application and said the new system should be innovative and unique and effective mechanism should be designed to implement it. He hoped the collected data will be helpful in determining the future roadmap as well as policy formulation besides facilitating the people through e-service delivery. We intend to move towards smart cities where citizens would be provided with the facilities which are the need of the hour, he added.

The continued curfew in Occupied Kashmir could result in human tragedy: Chief Minister Usman Buzdar has inquired that if the international community and the so-called torch-bearers of the modern civilization are awaiting the genocide of the Kashmiris? He said the curfew, which is continuously going on for the last three weeks, could result in human tragedy. He said that depriving the Kashmiris of food, medicines and other necessities of life is fast exposing the Indian barbarity. Will the policy of cruelty and the barbarity promote peace or encourage violence; he inquired and said that the Kashmiris should not be instigated to violence. The chief minister said that Narendra Modi has become the worst fanatic who has lost the Kashmir war. The myopic approach of Narendra Modi will result in the balkanization of India, he asserted. The chief minister observed that India led by Modi is no less than a living hell for the religious minorities. He regretted that India has turned the serene valley of Kashmir into hell through the barrage of guns and artillery. The Kashmiris are bravely fighting their freedom movement and the core issue of Kashmir has emerged as an international issue which cannot be ignored by the international community, he added.

Country deviated from its destination due to wrong policies of former rulers: The Chief Minister Usman Buzdar has said that the direction of resources has been turned towards backward areas as the far-flung localities remained deprived of development due to the wrong priorities of the past rulers. The country was deviated from its destination due to wrong policies of the past rulers and enmity was made with the nation by wasting national resources on exhibitory projects, he added. The past rulers, altogether, ignored the fundamental problems of the people who yearned for their basic needs. He was talking to different delegations of the people at his office on Thursday. Usman Buzdar said that the PTI government is rectifying past mistakes and the development projects are designed according to the real needs of the people because the government believes in composite development. He said that development and prosperity are the fundamental right of everyone and composite strategy has been evolved for solving problems of the people in their districts. He assured that more and more facilities will be provided to the people at their doorsteps and the health and education sectors will be further improved. He said that 115 new Arazi centers will be made functional by December as people were facing problems due to their shortage. He said that the government is increasing the number of Arazi centers as new Pakistan belongs to the general public. I am personally monitoring the projects launched for the development of backward areas and the deprivations will be turned into the prosperity of the people, the chief minister added.